Resume Formatting

The recruitment and selection processes are facilitated by the professional format of your resume. Our Recruiters will ask you to organize your resume in a specific manner to meet the published requirements of the role you are seeking.

Our Recruiter will work with you to ensure your resume contains the required information needed to enhance your chance of success.

Resume Content

Your resume should tell the reader an ‘accurate story’ about your educational qualifications, relevant work experience and professional development undertaken to make you the best-qualified candidate for the advertised role. A well-written resume should clearly demonstrate to the client your qualifications for the position.

Tips to Get Your Resume Read:

  1. Work Experience should begin with the most current role held and subsequent work experiences appearing in chronological order.
  2. Resumes must show the ‘From’ and ‘To’ dates for all work experiences detailed in the resume document.Educational Qualifications and Professional Development are presented the same way: the most current designations achieved are presented first.
  3. The work experience content should be written with two things in mind: clarity and brevity. Provide a brief overview of the role and detail the relevant job responsibilities that align with the present opportunity.
  4. DO provide the detail regarding where and when you achieved degrees, certifications or training. Your resume should include certification numbers or copies of degrees/certificates, as available.
  5. DO use ‘Spell Check’ and ‘Grammar Check’ functions to ensure the spelling, grammar and punctuation are correct in your document.
  6. Choose your references carefully. Intellex requires three (3) references who can vouch for the position you are applying for. A minimum of two references should be at the managerial level or who have directed your work. Contact your references before you submit your resume to ensure they will provide a reference for you.
  7. When you think your resume is complete, DO ask other individuals to read your resume before you submit it.Ask them for their feedback: Is your resume easy to read and understand? Is it written in such a way that you are presenting yourself professionally? Examine the work experience dates — can you explain any gaps between roles? When your resume gets a ‘Wow!’ from your colleagues, it’s ready to send!